2019 ISAE Championship Show  Saturday 5th October 


            Dog CC & Best In Show Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses (Blake Crocker) (L)

Bitch CC & Res BIS Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley (Cheryl & George Stevenson) (R)

          Judges: Jane Mugford (Dogs), Referee: Christine Warner, David Bell (Bitches) 

The Judges
Michelle Webster (Stakes) David Bell (Bitches) & Jane Mugford (Dogs)
with Chairman Peter Hall

                                                         Best Veteran In Show 
       Sh Ch/Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount (Mona Hunter & Will Brown) 

                             Judges: Jane Mugford (Dogs), David Bell (Bitches) 

               Bitch CC Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley (Cheryl & George Stevenson) (L)
   Res Bitch CC Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW (Gemma, Nicola & Sandra Sturrock (R)

                                                          Judge: David Bell

       Dog CC & Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses (Blake Crocker) (L)
Res Dog CC Alofrana Hotter Than U'Know JW (Beccy Danks-Kemish) (R)

                                       Judge: Jane Mugford 

Best Puppy In Show Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas (Julie & Paul Humphreys)

                  Judges: Jane Mugford (Dogs), David Bell (Bitches) 

Stake Classes

Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alanasett (Davis) (L)
Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gillieegrae Sh CM (Hart) (M)
Sametsuz Mak'N Honey JW (Henderson) (R)

Judge: Michelle Webster 

Annual Trophies

The Marjorie Jarosz Trophy (Top Left) Top Breeder - Diane Stewart-Ritchie

The Wendover Trophy (Bottom Left) Top Winning Irish Setter - Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Coconut Cream - Debs Armitage 

The Danaway Trophy (Top Right) Top Stud Dog - Sh Ch Northamber Just Cause For Glenavana JW - Christine McLarnon 

The Rasbridge Trophy (Bottom Right) Top Brood Bitch - Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Walnut Whip CW'15 - Diane Stewart-Ritchie 

Full Class Results HERE