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            ISAE Open Show  Saturday 1st June

                                                1st June Steventon, Oxfordshire 


                                       Best In Show
                Anlory Aidan JW - owned by Julie Greenan
                           Handled by Dave Hopewell 


                      Judge: Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)

                     Congratulations to all the winners


                                 Full Class Results HERE  

         Dog CC & Best In Show Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses (Blake Crocker) (L)

Bitch CC & Res BIS Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley (Cheryl & George Stevenson) (R)

           Judges: Jane Mugford (Dogs), Referee: Christine Warner, David Bell (Bitches) 


                                  Click on the photo above or See link for more photos


Full Class Results HERE   
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation the Committee of the Irish Setter Association, England has made the decision to cancel its forthcoming open shows which were scheduled to take place at Steventon, Oxfordshire on 13th June 2020. The Committee is currently considering options with regards to the rescheduling of the shows, and will provide a further update when plans have been finalised. We would like to thank our judges for their understanding and look forward to seeing our Members and other exhibitors later in the year.

From the Joint Field Trial Sub Committee Secretary


“I regret to tell you the committee have cancelled the ISAE/S&P Summer trial in light of the Kennel Club recommendations re KC events in the Covid-19 pandemic, and the uncertainties of what will happen. We feel it is not appropriate to hold the trial in these uncertain times.  We are indebted to the landowners and gamekeepers for their continued support and generosity in allowing us access to their land for the trials.  I would like to thank you all for your continued support of the clubs and hopefully we can look forward to a better year in 2021.”


                  ‘Virtual’ ISAE FUN Irish Setter Breed Show 21st June

      Results published on ISAE Facebook page from 2pm on 21/06/2020

Class 1. Irish Setter Veteran Dog (7 years and over)

Class 2. Irish Setter Puppy Dog

Class 3. Irish Setter Yearling Dog

Class 4. Irish Setter Post Graduate Dog

Class 5. Irish Setter Limit Dog

Class 6. Irish Setter Open Dog

Class 7. Irish Setter Veteran Bitch (7 years and over)

Class 8. Irish Setter Puppy Bitch

Class 9. Irish Setter Yearling Bitch

Class 10. Irish Setter Post Graduate Bitch

Class 11. Irish Setter Limit Bitch

Class 12. Irish Setter Open Bitch

Special Classes

Class 13. Irish Setter Young Puppy Dog / Bitch   3-6 months

Class 14. Irish Setter Rainbow Bridge Dog / Bitch ( Dogs / Bitches no longer with us )

Class 15. Irish Setter “ Pet Class “ open to all

Class 16. Irish Setter Special Field Trial Dog/Bitch (Any age and to have run at a Field Trial)

Placings  1st to VHC in all classes .

JUDGE awards CC’s in  IRISH SETTERS , the judge will submit a report of the main winners .

Best Dog , Best Bitch ,Best In Show. Best Puppy In Show. Best Veteran In Show, only to be awarded. Winners Diploma to be emailed

Entries open to all registered Irish Setters in classes 1-14 Pet class 15  open  to any Irish Setter


Entries close: Wednesday 18th  June at midnight .

All entry fees will be put towards the ISAE Health Fund


Entry fee plus catalogue - £1.00 ( Catalogue will be E Mailed on morning of show ) No multiple class entries accepted (one class per dog )

Email your Photo ( one photo per entry ) and entry details to : solomanmax@yahoo.co.uk or private message to ISAE on Facebook .

Photos should not include handlers face , the ISAE reserve the right to crop photos .

Entry fee payable via PayPal : solomanmax@icloud.com  use the friends/family facility to avoid being charged and note your name please.

As this is purely a fun show . ISAE committee members will be allowed to enter .


Your name and your email address.

Dog’s KC Name  / DOB/ Breeder / Sire / Dam

Class entered.

Class 15 we only need pet name